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Vermont Law requires any person who provides care for children from more than two families, other than their own children, to be Registered or Licensed by the Department for Children and Families. In order to be paid by Vermont's child care subsidy program you must be approved by the Child Development Division of the Department for Children and Families. There are three ways to be approved:
  • Licensed Program: A child care program providing care to children in any approved location. The number and ages of children served are based on available approved space and staffing qualifications, as well as play and learning equipment. A Licensed program must be inspected by the Department of Labor and Industry's Fire Safety Inspectors and must obtain a Water and Wastewater Disposal Permit from the Agency of Environmental Conservation. A Licensed program is considered a public building under Vermont Law. Types of licensed programs include: center based child care and preschool program, aftershool program, and licensed family child care home.
  • Registered Family Child Care Home: A child care program approved only in the provider's residence, which is limited to a small number of children based on specific criteria.
  • Approved Relative Child Care Provider: A relative child care provider caring for no more than two families. This program is for those who wish to receive payment through the state child care subsidy program in order to apply you must be associated with a family eligible for subsidy.
Applying to be a Provider
Apply Online to Become a Licensed Provider
Complete an Initial Licensing Visit Request through an online form to become a licensed state provider.

Apply Online to Become a Registered Home Provider
Complete the Preliminary Registered Home Provider Application through an online form to become a registered state provider.

Create Child Care Provider Account
If you have received notification that your account is ready, use this link to login to your Child Care Provider Account for the first time.

Download Forms and Literature
Links to the different Bureau of Child Development forms and literature available for printing and download.

View Status of Application
Enter your service request ID to view the current status of a previously submitted application.

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