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Application for Child Care Subsidy - Getting Started
To qualify for child care subsidy, you must have an established service need and meet income guidelines. To learn more about eligibility requirements, please view the Eligibility Information page.
This application will gather information regarding your household needs and income. Here's a list of information you may want to have ready before beginning the application:
  • Birth dates and Social Security numbers for all household members: related and non-related.
  • Work, training, or other activity information and schedules for both parents
  • Household income information, including wages, financial assistance, child support, alimony, SSI, etc.

You may save the application at any time and retrieve it with your system generated ID within 45 days. Click "Start Application" once you are ready to begin. If you are retrieving a saved application click "Retrieve Application." Your application effective date is the date you submit your application. Your benefit cannot be established until all documentation is received by the subsidy office.


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