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  • Eligibility Information
    In order to be eligible for child care subsidy a family must have a reason (service need) for child care and have income within the established guidelines. For current income guidelines, please view the Income Eligibility chart. Acceptable service needs are listed below.

  • Employment
    Employment is any activity for which a parent receives compensation of at least minimum wage. Volunteer Work is excluded.

  • Self-Employment
    Self-Employment is any business activity approved that nets a monthly income of at least $100.

  • Training
    Training is any activity this is likely to lead to employment within one year of completion.

  • Education
    Education is any coursework such as GED, high school, or college. Post-Baccalaureate education is not an eligible activity.

  • Seeking Employment
    Seeking employment is any activity recognized as necessary to obtain employment. Individuals may be eligible for up to 30 days per year.

  • Family Support
    A prevention and early intervention service, Family Support Child Care is designed to reduce stress for families and their children and promote positive child development. The child care subsidy may be authorized after a confidential application and risk assessment have been completed and reviewed.

  • Special Health Need/Child
    Is a determination verified by the written report of a licensed physician or licensed psychologist, or a determination made by the Department of Education, Division of Special Education, that a child is entitled to services under the Child Care Subsidy Program.

  • Special Health Need/Parent
    When a primary caretaker (parent) has been considered incapacitated because of a physical and /or emotional condition precludes her/him from reasonable employment or training opportunities and the provision of adequate and necessary care and supervision of his/her children.
In addition, you may be eligible for other children's programs:
  • Head Start Eligibility Criteria:
    • Income at 100% of poverty or below
    • Documented special needs.
    • Visit the Head Start Bureau web site (external link) for additional information.

  • Pre-K / EEI Eligibility Criteria:
    • Developmental delay - delay of 6 months or more in any domain.
    • Economically disadvantaged- 225% of OMB federal poverty guidelines.
    • Limited English proficiency- English as a second language.
    • At-risk of abuse or neglect- referral from appropriate outside agency/evidence of family history.
    • Other- any number of other options determined by local group[s that place a child at-risk of school failure (e.g., social isolation, exposure to violence or family substance abuse, single teen parent with no HS completion, multiple family moves, homeless, etc.)
    • Visit the Vermont Department of Education web site (external link) for additional information.

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