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Privacy Policy
MAXChild Care is committed to securing the privacy of your information. MAXChild Care will not disclose information about your account, or your transaction practices except as provided below. The following policy outlines MAXChild Care's practices for this website.

Information Gathered and Use of Information

MAXChild Care collects information from you in order to service your account and your requests. The account profile form requests contact information such as your name and e-mail address. We use such information to send you information pertaining to your account and to contact you about changes or notifications regarding state child care services and regulations. Certain forms may request demographic information such as race/ethnicity, gender, or primary language or contact and other preferences. This information is optional, and may be used for statistical and state reporting purposes and also to provide you with more personalized services, such as sending you correspondence in your preferred language.

If you are applying for state child care assistance and services, we may request contact information such as your mailing address or phone number to ensure proper delivery of notification regarding your account status. We may also request personal information about you, members of your household, your children, or other relatives and relations such as a child's parent who does not live with you. We may request income information for these individuals and activities including work or educational/training schedule. We also may ask you to provide details on other state or government assistance you may already be receiving. These types of information are used in determining your need and eligibility for child care. You may decline to provide personal, household, or other information requested; however, if you should choose to withhold requested information, we may not be able to provide you with some of our offered services or consider you for state child care assistance.

During the processing of a child care application, MAXChild Care and/or the state may seek to supplement the information on the application with third party information, including reports from state, government, or other organizations. This information may be used to verify the identity of the applicant or the information the applicant provides. Supplemental information will be stored with the application and used by the state or MAXChild Care or other third party to determine your eligibility; your information will be shared only with parties relevant to processing your application.

If you are a state child care provider, we may request information related to your facility, services, and staff. This may include facility structural information as well as available amenities to determine if your facility passes safety regulations or other state regulations for child care providers. Staff information may be requested, including credentials, background checks, and education to determine the quality and level of staff, which may affect the rates you are eligible to receive for providing state child care services. We may also request payment preferences, and related information such as your bank routing number. If you are reporting child attendance online, we may request specific data that you have recorded, including specific times services were provided, or reasons for no care. Payment preference information and attendance information will used in remitting payment to you for your services. You may decline to provide information requested; however, if you should choose to withhold requested information, we may not be able to consider you for state provider recertification, rate bonuses, or provide payment for your services.

This website allows you to report changes, problems, or feedback. Forms such as "Ask a Question" or "Submit Change" may collect information such as the nature and details of your request/issue, as well as contact information. This information will be used to service your request or problem by case administrators or provider managers. At times, this information may also be used by internal quality assurance or state administrators to determine the quality of our child care services.

Any of the information you provide may be used by the state for statistical purposes or by other state or government assistance programs to determine your status or eligibility.

This site may contain links to other sites that may contain content and information related to our products and services. MAXChild Care is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of such unrelated Web sites.

Changes to Procedures

MAXChild Care believes in active disclosure of privacy practices and usage of information. We will not use the information collected in a manner that is different than stated at the time of collection without first notifying you via your preferred method of contact, as indicated at the time of registration, and receiving active written consent.

Security and the Use of Cookies

The MAXChild Care Network protects secure data with industry standard firewall and password protection systems. We periodically review and improve our security and privacy policies as necessary. We only allow pre-authorized individuals access to information provided by our customers. Sensitive information is encrypted prior to transmission.

We use cookies to store your username and session ID as part of our security processes. This allows us to "time-out" your session if it is idle for a long period of time and to check whether you have permission to access restricted areas of the site. No personally identifiable information is stored in your cookies file. You may disable the use of cookies in your web browser if you so choose, but doing so will render you unable to access any of the services on our site, including applying for child care, or submitting child attendance.

Modify Information

To change or modify information previously provided, you may access your provider and user information within the Manage Account section of the site. If you do not wish to modify your information online, or if you need to change information that is not available via an online modification form, please send e-mail to or call us at 703-251-8500.

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