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Provider: Tucker-Fishman, Marlena   Provider ID: 168137
Site Visit Details
Violations and Corrective Actions
Corrective Actions and Narratives
V21b 03/01/2013 Conduct one evacuation today and assure the practice occurs twice in March. 03/31/2012 04/01/2013 Final
Documentation presented by Marlena indicates the last emergency evacuation was in December of 2012.
  Emergency Evacuation Plan: The plan, which may be preannounced, shall be practiced at least once each month.
Corrective Actions and Narratives
V23 03/01/2013 Have the extinguisher serviced and inspected . 03/11/2013 04/01/2013 Final
The fire extinguisher bears no inspection tag.
  There shall be at least one easily accessible dry chemical fire extinguisher which has at least a 2-A: 10-B:C classification. This extinguisher shall be maintained in an operating condition. The extinguisher shall bear an official tag, properly signed, attesting to the inspection within 30 days of registration or re-registration. All caregivers shall be familiar with the use and handling of the extinguisher. The extinguisher shall be convenient to the kitchen area and easily accessible.
The program met the follow regulations (were in compliance) at this visit.
Reg. No. Finding Date
Regulation II1: A registrant may provide care in their home to six (6) children at any one time and, in addition to the six may care for up to four (4) school-age children for not more than four hours daily per child.
Regulation II5: The majority of an infant's or toddler's awake time in child care shall be out of cribs, playpens, walkers, infant swings, and infant seats, in a safe place where s/he may explore freely.
Regulation II6: There shall be a variety of suitable and safe equipment, furnishings and materials for learning, play and resting which are appropriate to the ages and developmental level of the children in care.
Regulation V1a: The caregiver and children shall wash their hands with soap under warm running water after diapering, toileting and before meals and snacks.
Regulation V10: Children in care shall be protected from any and all conditions which threaten a child's health, safety and well-being. This includes protecting children from stoves, pools, poisons, window covering pull cords, asbestos, wells, known vicious animals, medications, dust or chips from lead paint, traffic, and other hazards.
Regulation I7: Daily attendance records, listing dates of attendance for each child shall be kept on file for a period of at least 12 months.
Regulation V22: There shall be a properly installed and functioning U.L. approved smoke detector installed on the ceiling or between six and twelve inches from the ceiling on each floor preferably at the head of each stairway. Batteries shall be replaced at least annually within thirty (30) days prior to the signing of the Application for Re-Registration.
Regulation V5: Meals and snacks provided by the Registrant shall be adequate, nutritious, clean and free from spoilage. Emphasis shall be on foods that are unprocessed, and low in salt and sugar. Meals and snacks provided by the parent shall be stored and served in a manner to prevent spoilage. Drinking water shall be available to children upon request. Powdered milk shall only be used in cooking. Fluid milk shall be pasteurized.
Regulation V7: There shall be basic first aid supplies which include, at a minimum: adhesive, bandages, sterile gauze dressings, latex gloves, rolls of gauze bandages, thermometer or fever strip, and tweezers. (Note: Syrup of ipecac is no longer required.) An easy reference first aid manual shall be available and accessible. This kit shall be replenished as supplies are used. The supplies shall be stored in a container which is clearly marked "First Aid" and is easily accessible to the caregiver and transportable.
Regulation V9: When children in care are not toilet trained, the Registrant shall provide and utilize a clean and sanitary place for changing and storing diapers which is in an area of the home where food is not stored, prepared, or served.
Regulation II4: The caregiver shall provide a daily routine which includes quiet and active play, with indoor and outdoor activities appropriate to the development of the children in care.
Regulation V20: Areas used by children shall be well lighted, well ventilated, clean, free from hazardous substances and sufficient in size to permit children to move about freely.

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